Hear them roar! Introducing an enchanting dinosaur-themed Play Set for your kids! This exciting collection includes so many great products for a prehistoric adventure. With dinosaur figurines and a variety of sensory play items, there will be endless hours of imaginative play.

Included in your sensory play set:

  • 1 tub green peppermint scented play dough
  • 1 wooden stamper (may differ from what is shown)
  • 1 shaped cutter (may differ from what is shown)
  • 1 tube of Dinosaur Egg water marbles
  • 6 small plastic dinosaurs (may differ from what is shown)
  • 1 moss rock
  • 2 wooden discs
  • 3 green pebbles
  • 5 black river stones
  • 3 leaf branches
  • at least 300g sensory play products in a plastic container

All these items are conveniently stored in a drawstring bag, allowing you to pack them together or take them on the go as needed.

Sensory play is not only fun but also crucial for your child’s development for several important reasons. Sensory play engages multiple senses, such as touch, sight, hearing, and smell, allowing children to explore and understand the world around them in a hands-on manner.

It also promotes the development of fine and gross motor skills. Activities like scooping, pouring, and manipulating objects in sensory bins or engaging in messy play, help children improve their hand-eye coordination and muscle control.

Little Seb’s new Play Sets include water beads, play dough and coloured sensory bases that include rice, split peas & chickpeas. All of these are great to stimulate creativity and imagination while your child plays.

Get ready for a roaring good time with this Dinosaur Sensory Play Set, where adventure and learning go hand in hand!

Your product is made with love and care. If this product is a gift, please leave me a message in Note To Sellers and I’ll pop it on a gift card with your beautiful finished product.

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